Course curriculum

Our Time Together

    1. Resource Collection List

    2. Safety Risk Presentation

    3. Resource Collection Instruction

    4. Media Form Assignment Submission

    5. Media Forms Assignment CheckPoint

    6. Health and Safety CheckPoint

    7. Early Education Career Workbook

    8. Virtual Learning Lab Reflection Competency: Safety

    9. Virtual Lab School Reflective Competency: Healthy

    10. Virtual lab learning Environment Presentation Forms

    11. Virtual Learning Lab Reflective Competency: Learning Environment

    12. Reflective Journal: Safe, Healthy, Learning Environment

    1. Your Professional Responsibility

    2. Professionalism Module Expectation

    3. NAEYC Code of Ethics

    4. NAEYC Code of Ethics

    5. Professional Actions of the Child Care Industry

    6. Early Education Career Workbook

    7. Chapter Presentation Notes

    8. Virtual Lab Reflective Competency: Professionalism

    9. Reflective Journal: Professionalism

    1. Family Engagement

    2. Explore Virtual Lab School Family Engagement Module

    3. Confidentiality

    4. Family Questionnaires: Distribute To Families

    5. Early Education Career Workbook

    6. Chapter Presentation Notes

    7. Virtual Learning Lab Reflective Competency: Family Engagement

    8. Reflective Journal: Family Engagement

    1. Loving Them The Way They Are ... For Who They Are...

    2. Building Emotional Vocabulary

    3. Explore CSEFEL Book Nook

    4. Bibliographies

    5. Theorist Assignment

    6. What Are Children Trying To Tell Us (FBA)

    7. Using Classroom Routines To Support Peer Interaction

    8. Explore Virtual Lab School:Self and Cultural Understanding

    9. Virtual Learning Lab Reflective Competency: Self and Cultural Understanding

    10. Explore Virtual Lab School: Social Development

    11. Virtual Learning Lab Reflective Competency: Social Development

    12. Explore Virtual Lab School: Positive Guidance

    13. Virtual Learning Lab Reflective Competency: Positive Guidance

    14. Reflective Journal: Self, Social, Guidance

About this course

  • 4 x $199.00
  • 65 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Featured Content

Learners have unique opportunities to engage in industry content that will support them in any setting including Early Head Start and CCP programs.

  • Rethinking DAP 0-3

  • Interaction v. Engagement

  • From Planning to Implementation

More Value For The Money

Extra Value Is Found In Each Course Criteria Because You Are Worth It

  • Post Pandemic Safety Guidelines

    All learners leave this course prepared to dive into their career as an infant toddler teacher. Sanitation practices, engagement and learning environment will be reviewed to support Post Pandemic Practices keeping you and the children you serve safe.

  • Evidence and Research Based Resources

    Our program partners with non-profit federally funded programs to bring best practices to the forefront of your career readiness. Each Module includes evidence and research based resources. EECI learners leave with the confidence they are receiving industry standard materials that have been crossed walked meeting National Credential Criteria.

  • Each Learner Receives A Real Instructor

    Our instructional model gives you an opportunity to dive into your learning experience. Learner assignments are manually reviewed and each learner leaves the program with the ability to utilize information learned in their real day to day environment and receive real feedback from a live instructor.

Host Institute

Early Education Career Institute

Since 2003 we have specialized in instructor-led and self guided cyber learning opportunities for early care practitioners and foster parents. Our learners pass their National CDA at 100% since 2015. Our Institute is a Training Sponsor registered with SC DSS, WIOA, SC Path and SC Endeavors Workforce Registry.

Jyana Crosby